Sora had been hearing a lot about the Museum of the Odd since her mother Raven had started working there a few months ago, finally piquing her curiosity enough to compel her to apply for a summer internship. She wouldn't get a paycheck yet, but somehow that seemed far less important than it might have working anywhere else.
Sora FE444D
Sora FE444D (LVL0~@)
Sora FE444D (LVL0~@)
Sora FE444D (LVL1~@)
Sora FE444D (LVL1~@)
Sora FE444D (LVL2~@)
Sora FE444D (LVL2~@)
Sora FE444D (LVL3~@)
Sora FE444D (LVL3~@)
High-Speed Making-Of
Having acquired a variety of new techniques since I originally made this making-of video, and working too feverishly to remember to record my screen activity again, the images above are updated versions, returned to almost a year to the day after publishing the originals, this time making use of Stable Diffusion and Adobe Photoshop's generative fill & intelligent remove tools to improve upon the original output from DALL-E 2. I'm not sure how much time I'll ultimately spend reworking other offerings from my back catalogue, but I knew I could improve some of the weaker spots in this one in short order without entirely redoing it or changing it enough to warrant a new iteration of the character, so I just did.

Many girls in many dimensions, one mysterious piece of jewelry…

Despite having gone to the lake in the woods with a trunk full of costume changes and the express intent to be photographed, Arabella could not shake the eerie sensation that she was being watched by additional, unseen eyes.
Angelia, waiting to catch a flight home…
Jolie observes an exhibit, and/or is herself an exhibit being observed…
Once Cherry finally gave in to its constantly whispered requests and wore the black ring to cheerleading practice, things escalated quickly…
Starla used to have a black thumb. Then she found the black ring…
Ether lived in a liminal space. Though her childhood had been Earth-typical, in her teens she'd begun to "phase out," not mentally (like every other high school student), but physically. From her perspective, her surroundings & everyone in them would disappear, leaving behind a bare scaffolding of wherever she'd started, seeming both under construction & on its last legs simultaneously…
What Saffron missed most about smoking was having a reason to compel her to take smoke breaks. So she started feeding the birds…
Karina returned to campus just as the mushrooms were kicking in…
Although initially fascinated when they first appeared, Orico quickly came to realize that if she wanted to be able to continue lounging on the roof of her building with Larry the lizard, something drastic was going to have to be done about the gargoyles…
Tiziana knew by now that she was not really in a magical forest, but she still couldn't help frequently forgetting that fact, because the forest was very good at pretending to be a forest, and even better at pretending to be magical…
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